Bookstore and Media Center

Welcome to the Lighthouse Bookstore and Media Center

The Lighthouse Bookstore is your resource center for Discipleship, Pastoral Care, and Bible Fellowship books for adults, youth, and children.  All bible study material is purchased through the bookstore.  In addition, cd's and dvd's of weekly sermons and sermon series in boxed sets can be ordered and purchased in this location.  Mail orders can be arranged if you wish to receive copies of the sermons on a weekly basis or if you would like to make a one time purchase.
The Bookstore supports our Englewood missionaries.  Gifts from around the world are available in the bookstore for purchase to help support missionaries from our own Englewood Baptist Church.  100% of monies received from these gifts goes back into our missions fund.  Another benefit from buying these gifts is it gives our missionaries an opportunity to share the gospel when they go into the different villages to buy the items we sell. 
A variety of other merchandise  is also available for purchase in this location.  Bibles,gift certificates, music cd's, journals, notebooks, highlighters, pens, games, books, evangecubes, bible covers, gifts for the home and greeting cards are some of the items offered.  As always, prices are intentionally kept low as the bookstore serves as a ministry to our members and guest and is not operating for profit or in competition with other bookstores, but only to cover operational expenses.
The bookstore and library are located outside the worship center across from the cafe in the area of the main narthex. The telephone number is (252- 937-8254 EXT. 244) You can also reach the bookstore by email at

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