Are You Connected?
Are you plugged into Life @ Englewood?
Have you found your place in the family of God at Englewood?

God wants all of His children to grow, to grow up and be spiritually mature; to be more and more like Jesus.  That process of growth  doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes time to mature physically and the same is true spiritually.

For us to grow and mature physically, we needed some help, someone to feed us, someone to teach us growth and maturity require the loving help of family and friends.  The same is true for us spiritually.  God has provided a family for His children in order to help them to grow and mature spiritually, God’s family is the church.  God desires for all of His children to be connected to a loving, spiritual family.  Englewood is such a family.  If spiritual growth and membership in the family of God at Englewood is your desire, I want you to invite you to pick up a Connections Notebook.

The Connections Notebook is a take home study designed to help you grow in your walk with Christ and to assist you in getting connected to God's family here at Englewood.  This study covers: our purpose, our priorities, our procedures, and process for membership and spiritual growth at Englewood. If you are thinking about joining our church family, this study would be great for you.  By the way - it is a requirement for all people seeking membership at Englewood to complete the Connections Notebook.

The Connections Notebook is a DVD Study and is taught by Senior Pastor, Dr. Michael Cloer. You may pick up your free Connections Notebook and DVD in our Lighthouse Bookstore or in the church office.

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