Throughout the year there are numerous Bible studies by numerous authors on numerous topics that will help you draw near by learning God’s character and your purpose. Every class has a time for discussion, teaching, encouragement, and fellowship.


Chronological Bible Discipleship
Room M100- 27 Weeks

Led by members of the Women’s Ministry Leadership Team

Sundays 4:30pm                        Wednesdays 6:30pm

Tuesdays 9:00am                      Thursdays 6:30pm

Understanding the story of the Bible is like putting together a puzzle. The picture on the box is a guide to put all the pieces together in order.    Ladies, we have been trying to learn the Bible in bits and pieces without the picture on the box.  Join us as we put all the pieces together chronologically and find out what the Bible says about God and you.


Classes will be returning in the Fall 2013


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