Daily Bible Reading-01
Each day, as your are reading and meditating on the daily scripture,
ask yourself these 2 questions:
What is God saying here?
What is God saying to me personally?
Sunday. March 18 … Acts 7:17-36
Monday, March 19 … Acts 7:44-50
Tuesday, March 20 … Acts 7:51-53
Wednesday, March 21 … Acts 7:54-60
Thursday, March 22 … Acts 8:1-3
Friday, March 23 … Acts 8:4-8
Saturday, March 24 … Acts 8:9-13
Sunday, March 25 … Acts 8:14-25
On January 3, 2016, all BFG’s (Preschool – Adult) embarked on a 3-year
journey through the Word of God called The Gospel Project.
Everyday, there are portions of  Scripture for participants to read and
meditate on during the week (listed above).
On Sunday, each BFG will then study the portion of scripture that we read
the previous week.  To find a copy of Sunday’s lesson, click here.