It’s a Baby Shower!
February 19 from 2:00 – 4:00 PM
Embrace Grace is a support group for women facing unintended pregnancies that meets weekly at Englewood Baptist Church.  Our desire at EBC is for these ladies to feel the embrace of Jesus as they have made a sometimes difficult decision—the decision to choose life for their child!   As part of the body of Christ, we ask that you would be the “arms” that these 7-8 ladies feel in a tangible way.  You may ask how you can do that.  If we all pull together, it can happen!  Please see the list below of how you can contribute.


1-We ask that you pray for these ladies
For confidentiality purposes, we are limited on the information that can be shared, but some details can be shared on an as-needed basis (such as gender of the expected baby, etc.) Our Heavenly Father knows each situation, so your heartfelt prayers will be heard by HIM!


2-All adult Bible Fellowship (BFG) classes will be asked to contribute and attend an Embrace Grace Baby Shower.
Our BFG classes have been given a standardized list of items requested for each of these ladies to receive at their baby shower.  We want them to be comfortable in the body of Christ, and your presence will help them know they ARE LOVED!!!  If you are not a part of a BFG class and would like to help in purchasing items, please contact Robin Williams by emailing


3-All contributions need to be finalized by Sunday, February 12th to ensure that each mom receives similar items for their baby. There will be a collection table in the Narthex on Sunday, February 12th for you to place your gifts and/or financial contributions.



As Pastor shared this recently, there are 5,366 single moms within 3 miles of our church.  Surely we can bless 7-8 of them with a baby shower, can’t we?  I’m excited to see the growth that these ladies will experience through this ministry, and I know you will be blessed by being involved in these ways shared above.