May 19 – 6:30PM-9:00PM & May 20  8:30AM-12:00PM
Learn simple tools for working with the Holy Spirit to lovingly train new and existing believers to make disciples that make disciples.
Click here to register. (Deadline to register is May 15.)
Cost: $15 per person. Includes all materials, dinner on Friday evening, snacks on Saturday. Childcare is available for birth to 5th grade.
Topics to be covered include:
CARE through PRAYER everywhere you already go. That leads to another opportunity for you to:
CARE through a STORY – a True Story from the Word of God – in about 3 minutes.
CARE through YOUR STORY wrapped around the Gospel in less than 3 minutes.
GIVE away GREAT COMMISSION DNA in less than 3 minutes. That sets up a meeting again.
The PATTERN OF CARE which is short term discipleship (typically about 8 more meetings.)
The big stuckage for most existing believers is initial engagement. How do I start? Answer: Be yourself – greet someone, “How are you doing?”
This training shows you (and gives you practice) on how to move the conversation relationally and simple from:
Then ask, “I want to see you again sometime. I want to tell you a story!” Set it up. The language is tweaked depending if it’s a complete stanger or someone you know (work, etc.)
It’s just a pattern, but it helps to have a pattern that gets you to a place to CARE for someone in about 2-3 minutes. Short & Simple AND sets you up to meet again for roughly 15 minutes.
We model what this looks like at work, everyday life, and more by practicing in the training with a partner and with real life scenarios we all select from.