We commit to…


…an organized league
Upward Sports will provide a basketball program that is organized from top to bottom. In order to do this, leaders, coaches, and referees must be individually organized to be at practices, hand out materials and uniforms, etc.

...quality instruction and encouragement
All leadership must be capable of giving quality instruction. Teaching kids how to properly play at high levels is very important for Upward Sports in order to continue to draw players from the community. Along with quality instruction is encouragement. All players deserve equal encouragement, regardless of ability.

…practices and games every week
Upward Sports will hold one practice and one game for each team every week (subject to change due to weather or scheduling conflicts with other events).

…equal playing time
Upward Sports will provide equal playing time for every player. It is important for players to receive equal playing time in order to gain experience in game situations and learn teamwork

…good sportsmanship
Each of the other commitments, if adhered to, will provide an environment for good sportsmanship. All leadership must at all times show good sportsmanship and/or remain calm no matter what situation arises. Good sportsmanship never allows rigorous competition to override proper behavior.

Reaching kids for Christ through sports is the most important goal. The next most important goal is FUN. Leadership should strive to make practices, games, and devotions as fun as possible for children in the league.