Current EBC Mission Trips
Please click on the link below to contribute financially to an individual team member who is going on any of the following trips this year.  Check back often, as new trips will be added throughout the year.
CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT any of the following individuals going on a Mission Trip this year:
Once you have clicked on the support link:
  1. Click “Pay as a Guest” unless you have a sign-in account for giving.
  2. Complete the payment details.
  3. Type 0.00 next to Ministry Budget.
  4. Fill in your support amount under “Other Designated Gift”
  5. In the “If Designated, please describe” – please write the name of the person going on the trip, and where the person is going so that the funds are designated properly.
  6. Click “Pay Now”.
  7. Complete the requested credit card information to complete your transaction.
  • ILC Prayer Team – April 25 – 29, 2019
Team Members
Dave German
Peggy German
  • Israel (Jerusalem)  – June 6 – 15, 2019
Team Members
Susie Baggett
Garrett Barger
Wes Barger
Billie Burnette
Larry Burnette
Knox Carter
Gene Davis
Brenda Hill
Chancey Hill
Joe Holloman
Betty Jean Jones
Judy Leonard
Mack Leonard
Cindy Patterson
Joy Scott
Ben Shearon
Gavin Teague
Carole Wilber
Paige Wood
Karen Young
  • Alaska – with GraceWorks – July 14 – 20, 2019
Team Members
Sam Brown
Mitch Underwood
Lynn Underwood
Jerry  White
Sarah Strickland
Dan McGinnis
Helen McGinnis
Beth Parrish